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JP-H01266575-A: Fixation temperature control system for printer or the like patent, JP-H01266866-A: Method for operating electrostatic precipitator patent, JP-H01267174-A: Temperature-retainer patent, JP-H01267434-A: Evaluation of crack progress characteristic for ceramic patent, JP-H01268048-A: Diffused resistor element patent, JP-H01268523-A: Insect killer for vacuum cleaner patent, JP-H01268774-A: Improvement of water resistance of coating film formed with thermal reaction-type tacky coating tape or sheet patent, JP-H01270729-A: Rush current suppressing system patent, JP-H01271038-A: Continuous casting apparatus for double-layer cast slab patent, JP-H01271750-A: Silver halide photographic sensitive material patent, JP-H01272996-A: Nuclear fuel reprocessing plant patent, JP-H01274250-A: Print program start-up system patent, JP-H01275298-A: Crawl scupper patent, JP-H01277246-A: Electrophotographic sensitive body patent, JP-H01278958-A: Soldering method for electronic parts patent, JP-H01279092-A: Funnel patent, JP-H01279769-A: Method for continuously plating metallic sheet patent, JP-H01281406-A: Cable clamping structure patent, JP-H01282474-A: Transformer patent, JP-H01283108-A: Manufacturing device for ligneous molded product patent, JP-H01283167-A: Printer patent, JP-H01283335-A: Aluminum alloy for vacuum patent, JP-H01283681-A: Character reader patent, JP-H01285225-A: Baking machine for bread patent, JP-H01286335-A: Aluminum cap for semiconductor device patent, JP-H01286453-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H01286529-A: Intermediate frequency pass band automatic changeover device patent, JP-H01286735-A: Current limiting device patent, JP-H01287487-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit patent, JP-H01288312-A: Method for reducing clogging of filter type dust collector patent, JP-H01288583-A: Control device for elevator patent, JP-H01288968-A: Analog circuit analyzing information converter patent, JP-H01290003-A: Process controller patent, JP-H01290027-A: Rom production system patent, JP-H01290656-A: Ester derivative patent, JP-H01291233-A: Data imprinting device for camera patent, JP-H01291312-A: Memory device patent, JP-H01291745-A: Powdery additive used for chilling of fish meat paste and its production patent, JP-H01291746-A: Papaya pickle, papaya bean jam utilizing said pickle and preparation of papaya bean jam patent, JP-H01292628-A: Track retrieval controlling method for optical recording medium patent, JP-H01293102-A: Microporous hollow yarn membrane and its production patent, JP-H01293331-A: Red-eye preventing device for full automatic camera patent, JP-H01294327-A: Manufacture of shadow mask composition patent, JP-H01296329-A: Terminal equipment patent, JP-H01296983-A: Fractionation of tissue culture substance of immobilized plant patent, JP-H01297145-A: Catalyst patent, JP-H01297621-A: Active matrix substrate of display panel patent, JP-H01297657-A: Electrostatic charge image developer patent, JP-H01297695-A: Electrophotographic copying device patent, JP-H01297845-A: Package for housing glass-sealed semiconductor device patent, JP-H01298746-A: Semiconductor device and manufacture of the same patent, JP-H01299100-A: Plate with embossed expression of character or pattern patent, JP-H01299120-A: Magnetic float conveying control method in vacuum patent, JP-H01299183-A: Device for draining condensed water of air conditioner of elevator patent, JP-H01300211-A: Automatic focusing system patent, JP-H01300650-A: Data modulator-demodulator with time division multiplex function patent, JP-H01300949-A: Artificial condyle patent, JP-H01303068-A: Inverter apparatus patent, JP-H01303158-A: System for detecting presence of air bubble in fluid passing through disposable cassette patent, JP-H01303858-A: Charging system patent, JP-H01304198-A: Detergent composition for hard surface patent, JP-H01304302-A: Three-dimensional measuring instrument patent, JP-H01304426-A: Liquid crystal display element patent, JP-H01304511-A: Servo controller patent, JP-H01304540-A: Inference system patent, JP-H01306836-A: Photosensitive resin composition patent, JP-H01307207-A: Green body for flat plate type rotary transformer core patent, JP-H01307542-A: Rotary magnetic damper patent, JP-H01307559-A: Control device for automatic continuously variable transmission of vehicle patent, JP-H01307989-A: Switching and detaching circuit for memory data patent, JP-H01307991-A: Bubble memory device patent, JP-H01308033-A: Formation of oxide film patent, JP-H01308423-A: Latent catalyst and epoxy resin composition containing it patent, JP-H01309607-A: Controller for orchard patent, JP-H01310174-A: Wave power generating method under low wave patent, JP-H01310891-A: Tape trash cutting device patent, JP-H01311093-A: Substituted n-glycosyl amide patent, JP-H01311362-A: Document preparing device patent, JP-H01311645-A: Phase transmission system patent, JP-H01311908-A: Elevatable device of low deck small vehicle patent, JP-H01312026-A: Sleeve roll patent, JP-H01312188-A: Door for building patent, JP-H01312693-A: Article lending machine patent, JP-H01313068-A: Sheet for recovering/protecting function of skin patent, JP-H01313184-A: High alloying method by remelting patent, JP-H01313685-A: Shaft seal device for screw compressor patent, JP-H01314222-A: Contact lens and its production patent, JP-H01316445-A: Colored steel material patent, JP-H01317366-A: Extracting and separating method of curry powder essence from curry powder patent, JP-H01317829-A: Cooling structure of vehicle patent, JP-H01318260-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-H01318904-A: Method for three-dimensional measurement by spherical mapping patent, JP-H01319664-A: Hot working or processing tool for steel patent, JP-H01500172-A: patent, JP-H01500661-A: patent, JP-H01502002-A: patent, JP-H01502020-A: patent, JP-H01502195-A: patent, JP-H01502636-A: patent, JP-H01503117-A: patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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